PhotoScape Tutorial – Start Page

by admin on October 13, 2010

After you load your PhotoScape Software onto your computer you will find an ICON that looks like this on your desktop. When you click on the ICON, it will bring you to the PhotoScape Start Page. You’ll notice that there is a menu tab at the top of the screen. The first seven menu tabs open the primary photo editing tools that you’ll be using to edit your photographs. When you click on the last menu tab called PhotoScape you’ll be brought back to this start page.

The 13 Icon buttons surrounding the PhotoScape Logo in the middle of the screen are also various tools that you can use in your photo editing and processing tasks. You’ll notice that the same seven menu tabs are listed here in this circle of buttons; these buttons are the same as the menu tabs and you can click on either one, it doesn’t matter.

We will be going into an in depth study of each of the photo editing tools, however, for now we will just be going through each button to familiarize you with their general functionalities.

  • Viewer: View photo’s, create slide shows, or delete photo’s
  • Editor: Framing, Resizing, Bright-Color, Filters, Cropping, and 100’s of other tools
  • Batch Editor: Edit multiple photo’s at one time
  • Page: Allows you to put multiple photo’s onto one page like a photo album
  • Combine: Attaches multiple photos directly next to each other either vertically or horizontally
  • Animated GIF: Combines multiple photos that creates one photo with rotating views of them all
  • Print: Prints photo’s in various combinations
  • Splitter: Splits a photo into several sections
  • Screen Capture: Captures screenshots of your full screen or just the window
  • Color Picker: Allows you to pick a color and get the color code number from a photo
  • Rename: You can change several photo file names at one time
  • Raw Converter: Converts RAW images into JPEG
  • Paper Print: Prints lines, graphs, calendars, and music sheets

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